Preparing for Your Trip

For your convenience we have organized a list of essentials and considerations to ensure you have the best experience possible.


Travel Information +


You can travel with a carry on and 1 checked bag which cannot exceed 50 pounds. We suggest that you consider the weight limit to accommodate any souvenirs you purchase.


You must have a current Passport.
The expiration date must extend 6 months beyond our return date.
You will need to provide us with a copy of your passport. Your passport is required to secure your hotel reservations. Having a copy is a security measure should you lose your passport during your travel. This copy will aid in getting a replacement. All copies with be shredded upon your return.

Which airline will we be flying with?

It is our preference to use EL AL for a couple reasons. It’s rating for safety is excellent. Tight security and they offer a direct flight. Arrival time in Tel Aviv is convenient.

How long is the flight?

From LAX it is a 14 hour flight going and a 15 hour flight returning.

Can I upgrade my seat on the flight?

Yes, upgrades are limited and are made according to availability. The cost to upgrade your seat can increase as the seats are reserved. The fewer available the more they cost. We suggest you secure your upgrade when you are certain you want to. When you choose to upgrade your seat you will need to pay for the cost of your seat at that time. We will get your credit card information and take care of the upgrade for you.

What to Bring +


Please plan on bringing your own ear buds with the circular plug in. Your guide will provide you with “whispers” to easily hear as you move about sites. He can provide you with ear buds but they will not have the same quality as your personal set.


We recommend that you travel with all your medications in your carry on bag (unless they are liquid). Please have a list of the medications you are currently taking, separate from your medications. It’s wise if you have photos on your phone of all bottles of medication to aid in replacing should they be lost or left behind.


A backpack works great for the coach you will be traveling on each day. Plan to carry a light jacket, umbrella and personal items. When you leave the coach to visit a site you can leave your personal items without concern. The driver will remain on the coach or lock it.


It’s helpful if you take a journal with you to keep track of where we go, what we do, and any personal reflections. We visit numerous sites each day and it will be helpful to you to have it written down.

What to Wear +

Do NOT bring NEW shoes. Buy your shoes in advance and break them in prior to your travel (blisters are no fun). Clothing is casual and comfortable. There are a few sacred sites which will require men’s knees to be covered, and women’s shoulders to be covered. Men will be required to wear a head covering at the Western Wall.

Technology +

Cell Phones:

If you plan on staying in contact with home we recommend you check with your cell carrier prior to departure and verify international coverage.


You will have Wi-Fi service on the coach each day. It is also available at the hotels.

Charging devices:

Israel uses an “H” converter, we suggest you bring several. Easily purchased on Amazon.

Money +

How much cash should I bring:

All travel, hotels, breakfasts, dinners, and gratuities are included in your tour price. Plan on having $1.00 & $5.00 bills to purchase water on the coach as well as small items you find along the way. Some locations will not be able to change larger bills. You will not need to change money into shekels. US dollars and credit cards are accepted at most places. Plan on an average of $12.00 a day for lunch per person, and any additional spending money for souvenirs.

Can I get my deposit back if I change my mind?

The $350.00 deposit is non-refundable. When you secure your space we use these funds to secure your flight as well as your accommodations.

Can I make payments?

You may pay in full at the time of deposit or we are happy to break it up into three installments. At the time of your registration we will provide you with a payment schedule.

Are there any surprise expenses?

At the end of your trip we give an opportunity to contribute to a special collection which will be split between our guide and driver. This is in no way required and is completely optional.

Food +

Breakfast and dinner are included. Each hotel provides a large selection to choose from. All hotels are Kosher. It’s a Mediterranean diet which will accommodate a vegan diet. Lunch will be on your own, plan on an average cost of $12.00 The day we have Saint Peter’s fish will cost about $22.00.

Important Considerations +

Physical Requirements:

We suggest that you are able to walk at least 5 miles, including stairs. Begin conditioning as soon as you know you will be traveling. You will be visiting ancient ruins, uneven steps, and stairs, both up and down.

Hezekiah's Tunnel:

While visiting the City of David there will be a unique experience for you adventurous ones. If you choose to walk the wet tunnel you will need water shoes, water friendly shorts, and a headlamp. It is very dark with many tight spaces and most must duck the entire tunnel. It’s a unique experience but not for everyone. There is a dry tunnel as well that you can walk which is not so small.

Medical Conditions & Phobias:

For your safety alert us of any medical condition. Please alert us prior to the trip if you have CLAUSTROPHOBIA. There are a few places we visit that are confined and we want to make sure we take special care to make it a positive experience for you.


Should I get travel insurance?

We recommend that you get travel insurance. You can get coverage for both, cancelation and medical. It’s an individual decision and is an additional cost. is a great resource to compare multiple policies. Keep in mind that some insurance carriers require you purchase a cancellation policy within two weeks of initial deposit.

Can I room alone?

The tour price is based on double occupancy. If you wish to room alone the single supplement is $900.